The Ultimate Rat & Termite Killer?!


Rats and termites are a major nuisance, there’s no to ways about it.

To be honest they scare the shit out of me – silly I know, but it’s just the thought of encountering one with it’s hairy body and long tail! And termites as for those guys don’t even get me started!!

If you are unwilling to pay a hefty rodent removal cost, or termite for that matter your gonna have to get your hands dirty and be the ultimate rat killer or conduct some diy termite treatment.

Here are some techniques that can provide you with that fearsome reputation among the rat and termite community…….

Using Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Devices

One of the most efficient methods to do this is to make use of electronic pest control techniques. These methods employ ultrasonic rat repellent devices that generates sounds of sharp frequencies to repel rats. These sounds are audible solely to rats and hence the machines are safe for humans and domestic pets.

Using Organic Rat Repellents

Another technique of getting rid of rats is by making use of organic rat repellents. These include the use of small granules or tablets that emit a scent of predatory animals that eat rats. These can be sprinkled throughout the home, backyard, garage or any other place frequented by rats.

Using Moth Balls


You can also use moth balls as their strong odor can act as a repellent for the rats and ward them off. They can be placed in damp and dark corners of the home, where rats are usually found.

Using Mechanical Traps

Using mechanical traps, often known as wooden snap traps, is a way of rat extermination that is still quite popular. They are less costly and quite effective when fitted with appropriate baits.

But, they need to be placed away from children and pets as they can injure them. One problem with snap traps is that they can capture not more than one rat at a time. Still, it is a better choice as it is safer than the chemical products that are mostly toxic and quite harmful.

Using A Glue Board


Rats can also be caught and eliminated by using a glue board. It can be made of wood or cardboard with their surface coated with glue. You can place bits of bread on the board that can work as bait for rats. When a rat attempts eating the crumbs from the board, it gets stuck and then can be manually removed or left to die of starvation.

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