Staying Organised Can Make Moving Hope A Lot More Bearable!!

Happy couple in their new home having fun - moving concept

Happy couple in their new home having fun – moving concept

I always write about things here at Irish Pub Prague that are either close to my hear and happening in my life.

Last month we finally moved into our dream home, it’s only a couple of miles from the old place in Cardiff but it’s bigger, quieter and set in truly stunning surroundings.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to the boys at Cardiff removals who did a truly excellent job.

So, in this blog post I’m going to cover some quick tips and tricks that can help keep you organised both before, after and during your move.

As always let me know what you guys think in the comment section below

Create a list

Writing down a list is a very easy job, now you need to write down the list of things according to how you want to arrange them. Indicate each box the name of the items you want to place for example if it,s kitchenware you can note the box as “kitchenware” and so on.

Have sufficient materials

On this point, it means that you need to have enough packing materials like boxes if those are what you want to pack things inside reason being, it will make your work easier while packing your different household stuff.

Make use of wardrobe boxes


Wardrobe boxes are tall in size hence they are perfect for large and light items such as pillows, comforters, clothes and even blankets. You can take the measurements of both the stuff and wardrobe box to find the perfect size for you. They can also be used for clandestine storage boxes, textile bolts, and other lighter things. Ensure the boxes aren’t too thick.

Plan how to use the wardrobe box

If you are moving on your own or wish to get help from moving companies all you need is a plan. Organize everything before your move, start by packing small things like shoes and other little things to paper bags, as soon as the day comes, place those bags on the wardrobe boxes tightly to make sure all things get some space.

Have things composed

Make sure things are kept together for example if you have electronics, you need to place all electronics and related items together, if its kitchen items, they should be put together this will help one locate them effortlessly but ensure you indicate the boxes respectively.

Pack in advance

Packing in advance makes the whole exercise easy, it will save you time, and you can pack all things which you don’t need at the moment.

Combine cleaning materials

If you want to clean your current home, this tip is good for you. Put the cleaning items to be used together such as detergents, brush, etc.

Utilize your bags

You can also fill your luggage with other small things like towels, tissue papers and other things.

Protect essential items

We all have our valuable items, and we always ensure that they are safe, and it applies to this case. You might check if you are insured by the property owner, guard your delicate things as well if they are not covered and additionally, ensure that you’ve got the receipts of the items which might help in claiming them after a loss or accident which led to breakage.

Carry important papers yourself

Important papers are such as college certificates, birth certificates, job letters, etc. These are crucial documents, no need of regrets so carry them with you!

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