Metal Detecting Is My Official Brand New Hobby!!

About a month ago my son asked if we could go metal detecting! My response was no firstly because we didn’t own a detector and secondly did I really want to traipse around for hours on the beach with the other metal detecting nerds?

After weeks of pestering me, I started to look into the best metal detector available on the market for the kind of money I was willing to spend on what could possibly be a passing interest! You see my son tends to change his mind about what he actually wants to do, which usually costs me a fortune as I have already bought all the equipment for these various short lived hobbies!

While I wouldn’t class myself as a metal detecting expert (not yet anyway!) I would say I have learnt a great deal over the last few weeks, which I thought I would share.

So, without further a do, here are my top 5 metal detectors reviewed…..

1. Garett Ace 250


The Garett Ace 250 perfectly suits a novice enthusiast who intends to make a career for himself during metal detection. It’s widely preferred as its simple to use and is priced very well too. The device works well while trying to locate most metals, especially coins.

Cons – Well there is hardly any problem with this device except the lack of a volume control gadget.


The Garett can be ranked as the best metal detector device for beginners.

2. Fisher F2 Metal Detector


The Fisher metal detector is a beginner level device perfectly suited for first-timers. Its display is digital. The device is S shaped with an ergonomically built handle. The Fisher F2 costs roughly weighs 2.6 pounds and costs $200.


One noted demerit was the flimsy pin pointer and subpar construction. Nevertheless, it works great.

3. Minelab GPX 5000


The GPX5000 has great metal detection capabilities. Costing only $5000 it possesses several custom options which make it difficult to use by newcomers.


The Minelab GPX5000 seems like the perfect product for those who have been doing metal detection for a long time. Unfortunately, the steep price is a concern, though it can be attributed to the quality and value that comes with it.

4. Bounty Hunter T4 Tracker 


The TK4 looks sleek with an adjustable height and user friendliness. Not only is it affordable, it works exceedingly well. Unlike its counterparts it can detect metals from an incredibly long range.


Costing only $100, the device is widely preferred during metal detection.

5. Garett Ace 400

garret-ace-400 Image –

The Ace 400 brandishes pro-features which make it outstanding. It’s the new improvement on the Ace 250 and 350. One outstanding feature of the device is its iron audio capability. It’s mostly preferred for its simplicity, sensitivity and manageable weight that makes it suitable for maneuverings.

Cons – It’s hard to find any demerit on this product so if you want to go for this product go on right ahead.


If you get the opportunity to get this device, go for it.

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