How To Install Your Own Hardwood Floor


There’s nothing I usually hate more than DIY. I know, I know I’m a man and should be good at it, but I’m just not!

You can imagine my shock horror when the wife suggested a few weeks back that she wanted hardwood flooring in the living room and there was one slight hitch!

Our bank balance wouldn’t allow us to get professional floor fitters in! *sigh

I spent many hours researching & watching videos on YouTube, the one you see below from the guys at timber flooring Brisbane

This is a DIY project on how to install a hardwood floor

The process is easy and does not require much time to complete.

You will require tool and materials.

Tools are:

Hammer, nails, tape measure, pneumatic nail gun, pry bar and chop saw; while materials include: hardwood, wood putty and pneumatic floor packaging. They should be assembled together so that the installation process runs smoothly.

Take the measurements of the room and multiply to get square footage.


To start installing, place the straight hardwood on the space between the wall and floor to protect against heat and humidity.

Drill nail holes half an inch from the wall. Continue inserting woods but giving an allowance of six inches each.

Drill holes into each wood and create enough space rolls for pneumatic nail guns.

Staple the boards using the pneumatic nail gun.


Cut pieces of hardwood that will fit right in.

However, leave a few inches more that are cut off. Using those pieces fill in the gaps.

To firmly settle the hardwood, use pry bar.

Fit the last bar and leave some space for contraction and expansion.

Lastly fill all the holes with wood putty.

And the finished result:


Not bad hey! Like I said any DIY incompetent can do this! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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