10 Sneaky Smart Ways To Cut Your Home Heating Bills

The arrival of yet another power bill, is always a reminder of the need to reduce our energy consumption. Although there is little we can do to lower the cost of electricity rising, we can reduce our bills by cutting the amount of power we use.

Below are ten simple ways to help reduce your home electricity bills:


1. Cover windows and patio doors with plastic film

In most houses, warm air leaks through patio doors and windows. All you need to do is cover the patio doors and windows with transparent plastic film.

2. Eliminate drafts around electrical boxes

Heat may escape through the drafts around the power boxes in the walls due to poor insulation . To stop this heat leakage, you should fill the gaps around each box using latex caulk or foam sealant if the gaps are bigger.

3. Install solar panels on the roof

Photovoltaic cells found in the solar panels convert light energy into electricity, available for use in your home.

4. Insulate

Check the hot water cylinder, the ceiling cavity, and underneath the house. A hot water cylinder that is not insulated loses a lot of heat and adds so much cost to the bill. Above and below the house are as well big areas to insulate.

5. Close unused vents

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Since conditioned air inevitably escape through open vents, those in unoccupied areas should be shut.

6. Lower the thermostat at night

Most folks sleep better when a room is slightly cooler than average (64-66�F). This doubles if they sleep under heavy blankets and comforters during the winter.

7. Switch to auto

Setting your thermostat to auto will stop your A/C from running continuously, saving you of huge bills in the process.

8. Close the flue

If your home has a fireplace, as many prefer, ensure you close its flue before the cold weather comes.

9.Use a space heater

Put a space heater in the most popular gathering place in your home and turn down the thermostat temperature. The rest of the house will be cooler, true, but you can save 4 percent on your heating costs for every degree below 65 F.

10. Furnace maintenance

Having an Atlanta heating contractor service your furnace yearly to keep your unit operating perfectly and efficiently. If your furnace is older, you consider modifying or replacing your furnace with a high-efficiency model.

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