The Ultimate Rat & Termite Killer?!

Rats and termites are a major nuisance, there’s no to ways about it.

To be honest they scare the shit out of me – silly I know, but it’s just the thought of encountering one with it’s hairy body and long tail! And termites as for those guys don’t even get me started!!

If you are unwilling to pay a hefty rodent removal cost, or termite for that matter your gonna have to get your hands dirty and be the ultimate rat killer or conduct some diy termite treatment.

Here are some techniques that can provide you with that fearsome reputation among the rat and termite community…….

Using Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Devices

One of the most efficient methods to do this is to make use of electronic pest control techniques. These methods employ ultrasonic rat repellent devices that generates sounds of sharp frequencies to repel rats. These sounds are audible solely to rats and hence the machines are safe for humans and domestic pets.

Using Organic Rat Repellents

Another technique of getting rid of rats is by making use of organic rat repellents. These include the use of small granules or tablets that emit a scent of predatory animals that eat rats. These can be sprinkled throughout the home, backyard, garage or any other place frequented by rats.

Using Moth Balls


You can also use moth balls as their strong odor can act as a repellent for the rats and ward them off. They can be placed in damp and dark corners of the home, where rats are usually found.

Using Mechanical Traps

Using mechanical traps, often known as wooden snap traps, is a way of rat extermination that is still quite popular. They are less costly and quite effective when fitted with appropriate baits.

But, they need to be placed away from children and pets as they can injure them. One problem with snap traps is that they can capture not more than one rat at a time. Still, it is a better choice as it is safer than the chemical products that are mostly toxic and quite harmful.

Using A Glue Board


Rats can also be caught and eliminated by using a glue board. It can be made of wood or cardboard with their surface coated with glue. You can place bits of bread on the board that can work as bait for rats. When a rat attempts eating the crumbs from the board, it gets stuck and then can be manually removed or left to die of starvation.

Carpet Cleaning – A Necessary Evil?

Carpet cleaning is a necessary evil. House looks and feels better with a carpet, and yet if you do not clean the carpets, then you are going to face multiple issues of different types. The carpet life would be reduced. The dust gathered on your carpet might cause infections.

There may be insects growing if you leave your carpet untouched for long and that may prove to be infectious.

So an essential question that you would have to face is how to clean your carpets at home unless of course you are going to hire the services of a professional like las vegas carpet cleaning.

The best answer to this problem provided by today’s technology is vacuum cleaners. A vacuum cleaner is the best home carpet cleaner available today. You would need to install a vacuum cleaner and operate it on a regular basis to keep up the cleanliness of your carpet.

That would also improve your overall home décor.

There are some different kinds of home carpet cleaners that exist. If you have a large home or have pets at home, then you would require using a larger vacuum cleaner. One great option for this is to use a centralized filter for your entire home. You can plug and operate it from any point to get the same effect.

If you have a smaller house, then you may want a portable vacuum cleaner. These cleaners would be robust enough to remove the entire dust and dirt gathered upon your carpet away and also would eliminate allergens. Instead of a conventional vacuum cleaner that uses air, you may want to go for a new Steam-based home carpet cleaner. That way you shall have the best possible water-driven cleaning which would produce a great result regarding removing dirt that has ingrained deeper into your carpet too.

Home carpet cleaners are handy, but make sure that if you plan to get one for home then get a branded one rather than any arbitrary filter.


10 Sneaky Smart Ways To Cut Your Home Heating Bills

The arrival of yet another power bill, is always a reminder of the need to reduce our energy consumption. Although there is little we can do to lower the cost of electricity rising, we can reduce our bills by cutting the amount of power we use.

Below are ten simple ways to help reduce your home electricity bills:


1. Cover windows and patio doors with plastic film

In most houses, warm air leaks through patio doors and windows. All you need to do is cover the patio doors and windows with transparent plastic film.

2. Eliminate drafts around electrical boxes

Heat may escape through the drafts around the power boxes in the walls due to poor insulation . To stop this heat leakage, you should fill the gaps around each box using latex caulk or foam sealant if the gaps are bigger.

3. Install solar panels on the roof

Photovoltaic cells found in the solar panels convert light energy into electricity, available for use in your home.

4. Insulate

Check the hot water cylinder, the ceiling cavity, and underneath the house. A hot water cylinder that is not insulated loses a lot of heat and adds so much cost to the bill. Above and below the house are as well big areas to insulate.

5. Close unused vents

Video – Adaptair air conditioning Melbourne

Since conditioned air inevitably escape through open vents, those in unoccupied areas should be shut.

6. Lower the thermostat at night

Most folks sleep better when a room is slightly cooler than average (64-66�F). This doubles if they sleep under heavy blankets and comforters during the winter.

7. Switch to auto

Setting your thermostat to auto will stop your A/C from running continuously, saving you of huge bills in the process.

8. Close the flue

If your home has a fireplace, as many prefer, ensure you close its flue before the cold weather comes.

9.Use a space heater

Put a space heater in the most popular gathering place in your home and turn down the thermostat temperature. The rest of the house will be cooler, true, but you can save 4 percent on your heating costs for every degree below 65 F.

10. Furnace maintenance

Having an Atlanta heating contractor service your furnace yearly to keep your unit operating perfectly and efficiently. If your furnace is older, you consider modifying or replacing your furnace with a high-efficiency model.

Clothes Shopping For Men?…….Seriously?!!

Shopping for men is usually a lot simpler than shopping for females.

Clothes Shopping Men

They’re typically not looking for the hottest trends out there and simply looking for a fresh look to their regular jeans and men’s ties. Of course when a man is looking to court a woman he is going to dress up a little bit more but as soon as they settle in their styles goes back to being as relaxed and uncaring.

1. Give them the option of searching for what they want without having to ask someone.

Men love to engage in online shopping. Why? Because they easily see if a store has their size without having to ask anyone for it. Men hate to ask for help it hurts their egos. But most online stores tend to be geared towards females as we tend to shop on a more regular basis.


2. Create a better fit.

I sure you all know that not all smalls are smalls or mediums medium especially when it comes to clothing. Depending on the brand or type of shirt you may wear large or medium and sometimes even small. Men don’t usually have time to try on clothes they just want something to grab and go. Make the sizes what they say they are so they don’t have to be second guessing.

3. Styles does matter for some men.

Women style is ever evolving but men wear tend to not get the same attention in the fashion world. Ensure your store offers a variety of styles for men to choose from for any occasion. Men typically don’t like to shop around and aren’t particularly fussed about items being in the sale, they just want to enter one store get all they need and go. This is why many department stores have an advantage as they typically provide everything even from name brands.

10 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Garden

If your house has a garden area, no matter how small it is, you must work on it and find out ways to make it look more appealing. This will make your house look beautiful and never get put off by bad weather. You must do all the hard work now so that you can enjoy your time in the beautiful garden once the sun is out.

However, making the garden look clean and pretty does not necessarily entail spending a lot of cash; you can but affordable garden accessories and still make it look great. Without wasting more time, here are the 10 easy ways to spruce up your garden –

Color the garden

If the area lacks in color then you need to buy a couple of wooden planters and place them on the lawn. Always go for raised planters as they are more useful for growing delicate flowers and vegetables. The raised part offer adequate protection against the pests.

Fertilize the lawn

All garden experts recommend that a lawn should be fertilized at least 4 times a year. It should only take 2 hours but the actual time will depend upon the size of your garden. Fertilizers fill up the bare patches and make the garden look healthier.

Look out for free tools

There is no need to invest in fancy tools to spruce up your garden; just go to online websites or garage sales to pick up old tools at heavy discounts. You can even find lawn mowers at rock-bottom prices.

Invest in lighting

Garden lighting does add a lot of character to your garden and enables you to sit on the green grass on the warm nights. The solar-powered lighting systems are a great option and you get to choose from a huge variety.

Add a water system

Here we are not talking about fancy looking water features; you can buy something as simple as an ordinary bird bath. It will look great in your garden and will attract birds which will make your garden look perfect.

Paint the fence

Not many people do it but a crumbling old fence does make a garden look very bad. You should paint the fence with a color that appeals to you or complements the exterior of your house.

Buy accessories

According to fencing contractors Gloucester, accessories are an integral part of any garden and you go for small but affordable things like a vintage style watering can, a barbecue set or a bird bath.

Clean the garden

This is the foremost task that needs to be accomplished. You must clean the garden thoroughly before installing any new feature. Every nook and corner of the garden should look clean and dust-free.

Get rid of all the clutter

The gardens are often littered with old bicycles, broken toys and plant pots. Now is the time to get rid of all these and send some of these items for recycling (those which can be recycled).

There should not be any weeds

Weeds can be classified as dust. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, they will surely make a comeback. But you cannot allow weeds to grow as they will make the garden look messy. Just de-weed your garden on a regular basis using a kitchen knife or you may add weedkiller to the lawn.

Differentiating Damp Proofing and Waterproofing

Damp proofing and Water proofing are frequently mistaken for each other.


This is a brief clarification of the distinction between the two so property holders can settle on a more informed choice with regards to storm cellar and lodging water or form issues.

Damp proofing: Damp proofing backs off the stream of water. Regularly this is accomplished by applying a black-top covering to the solid surface. While this arrangements with water vapor (otherwise known As. dampness) transmission, despite everything it considers water transmission. One of the issues with numerous covering items is that they can get to be weak when dry creating the covering to chip away. None of these can remedy establishment breaks or holes.

damp-proofingWater proofing: On the other hand foundation water proofing stops the stream of water. Water proofing is not a paint or a splash, yet rather a substantial sheet of plastic or vinyl which will totally stop the transmission of water or vapor.

Inside Water proofing: The best sort is inside water proofing. Inside waterproofing is the point at which an overwhelming plastic or vinyl sheet is embedded between the drywall and the foundational dividers. The procedure requires the expulsion of existing drywall, which may really be mildew covered or harmed on the inside in any case.

According to Cambridge damp proofing, Water proofing temporary workers will expel the outside with a specific end goal to embed the plastic sheet. The will likewise dive down into the solid establishment keeping in mind the end goal to run the sheet under the foundational board on which the studs are assembled.

While the evacuation of drywall and bond may appear to be overpowering, it is important with a specific end goal to accomplish the craved results.


Outside Water proofing: A second, yet less fruitful, sort of waterproofing likewise utilizes a sheet of plastic or vinyl however on the outside of the structure. Outside Water proofing includes exhuming around the outside of the house and setting a dimpled plastic mat between the external foundational divider and the encompassing earth.

The procedure can be troublesome and regularly annihilation to the property holder’s yard since it includes breaking out existing yards, patios, walkways, and garages

All Women Like A Clean Shaven Man….Don’t They?!

Hustler Handsome, charming and suave; these adjectives define today’s gentlemen. The Metro-sexual man is well groomed and oozes of rugged charm that highly intrigues the ladies! The accessories that work behind the scenes must be top-notch, reliable and hassle-less.

The Electric Razor is one such device that every man owns. Let us review the best ones of this season:

1. Braun 790cc 4 Men’s Shaver:


This suave looking shaver costing $199, tops our list. This piece comes with a charging dock and looks fabulous in its dark gray and blue tones. Known for a powerful motor and Braun’s super sonic technology giving 10,000 micro vibrations, this device works with the same efficiency year after year. This shaver is defined by Braun’s Fine technology and the extremely close shave it provides!

2. Philips Norelco 1150X / 40 Shaver 6100


This masterpiece from Phillips is second on our list. This $67 machine stands out for its rotary blades and the convenient quick charge feature that helps you get ready in minutes. The rotary head offers a lot of variety and reaches every contour of your face.It indeed is a worthy investment.

3. Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry


This one comes with an LCD display and a powerful 3-blade system! This gives the user a breathtaking 13,000 cuts per minute that gives a fine shave every time you use it. The Panasonic machine is light and makes for the perfect travel companion. What is more, it is quite light on the pocket as well, costing a decent $64.

Hope the above electric razor guide helps you choose your perfect shaving companion. After all, a gentleman deserves only the best!

How To Install Your Own Hardwood Floor


There’s nothing I usually hate more than DIY. I know, I know I’m a man and should be good at it, but I’m just not!

You can imagine my shock horror when the wife suggested a few weeks back that she wanted hardwood flooring in the living room and there was one slight hitch!

Our bank balance wouldn’t allow us to get professional floor fitters in! *sigh

I spent many hours researching & watching videos on YouTube, the one you see below from the guys at timber flooring Brisbane

This is a DIY project on how to install a hardwood floor

The process is easy and does not require much time to complete.

You will require tool and materials.

Tools are:

Hammer, nails, tape measure, pneumatic nail gun, pry bar and chop saw; while materials include: hardwood, wood putty and pneumatic floor packaging. They should be assembled together so that the installation process runs smoothly.

Take the measurements of the room and multiply to get square footage.


To start installing, place the straight hardwood on the space between the wall and floor to protect against heat and humidity.

Drill nail holes half an inch from the wall. Continue inserting woods but giving an allowance of six inches each.

Drill holes into each wood and create enough space rolls for pneumatic nail guns.

Staple the boards using the pneumatic nail gun.


Cut pieces of hardwood that will fit right in.

However, leave a few inches more that are cut off. Using those pieces fill in the gaps.

To firmly settle the hardwood, use pry bar.

Fit the last bar and leave some space for contraction and expansion.

Lastly fill all the holes with wood putty.

And the finished result:


Not bad hey! Like I said any DIY incompetent can do this! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

Staying Organised Can Make Moving Hope A Lot More Bearable!!

Happy couple in their new home having fun - moving concept

Happy couple in their new home having fun – moving concept

I always write about things here at Irish Pub Prague that are either close to my hear and happening in my life.

Last month we finally moved into our dream home, it’s only a couple of miles from the old place in Cardiff but it’s bigger, quieter and set in truly stunning surroundings.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to the boys at Cardiff removals who did a truly excellent job.

So, in this blog post I’m going to cover some quick tips and tricks that can help keep you organised both before, after and during your move.

As always let me know what you guys think in the comment section below

Create a list

Writing down a list is a very easy job, now you need to write down the list of things according to how you want to arrange them. Indicate each box the name of the items you want to place for example if it,s kitchenware you can note the box as “kitchenware” and so on.

Have sufficient materials

On this point, it means that you need to have enough packing materials like boxes if those are what you want to pack things inside reason being, it will make your work easier while packing your different household stuff.

Make use of wardrobe boxes


Wardrobe boxes are tall in size hence they are perfect for large and light items such as pillows, comforters, clothes and even blankets. You can take the measurements of both the stuff and wardrobe box to find the perfect size for you. They can also be used for clandestine storage boxes, textile bolts, and other lighter things. Ensure the boxes aren’t too thick.

Plan how to use the wardrobe box

If you are moving on your own or wish to get help from moving companies all you need is a plan. Organize everything before your move, start by packing small things like shoes and other little things to paper bags, as soon as the day comes, place those bags on the wardrobe boxes tightly to make sure all things get some space.

Have things composed

Make sure things are kept together for example if you have electronics, you need to place all electronics and related items together, if its kitchen items, they should be put together this will help one locate them effortlessly but ensure you indicate the boxes respectively.

Pack in advance

Packing in advance makes the whole exercise easy, it will save you time, and you can pack all things which you don’t need at the moment.

Combine cleaning materials

If you want to clean your current home, this tip is good for you. Put the cleaning items to be used together such as detergents, brush, etc.

Utilize your bags

You can also fill your luggage with other small things like towels, tissue papers and other things.

Protect essential items

We all have our valuable items, and we always ensure that they are safe, and it applies to this case. You might check if you are insured by the property owner, guard your delicate things as well if they are not covered and additionally, ensure that you’ve got the receipts of the items which might help in claiming them after a loss or accident which led to breakage.

Carry important papers yourself

Important papers are such as college certificates, birth certificates, job letters, etc. These are crucial documents, no need of regrets so carry them with you!

Metal Detecting Is My Official Brand New Hobby!!

About a month ago my son asked if we could go metal detecting! My response was no firstly because we didn’t own a detector and secondly did I really want to traipse around for hours on the beach with the other metal detecting nerds?

After weeks of pestering me, I started to look into the best metal detector available on the market for the kind of money I was willing to spend on what could possibly be a passing interest! You see my son tends to change his mind about what he actually wants to do, which usually costs me a fortune as I have already bought all the equipment for these various short lived hobbies!

While I wouldn’t class myself as a metal detecting expert (not yet anyway!) I would say I have learnt a great deal over the last few weeks, which I thought I would share.

So, without further a do, here are my top 5 metal detectors reviewed…..

1. Garett Ace 250


The Garett Ace 250 perfectly suits a novice enthusiast who intends to make a career for himself during metal detection. It’s widely preferred as its simple to use and is priced very well too. The device works well while trying to locate most metals, especially coins.

Cons – Well there is hardly any problem with this device except the lack of a volume control gadget.


The Garett can be ranked as the best metal detector device for beginners.

2. Fisher F2 Metal Detector


The Fisher metal detector is a beginner level device perfectly suited for first-timers. Its display is digital. The device is S shaped with an ergonomically built handle. The Fisher F2 costs roughly weighs 2.6 pounds and costs $200.


One noted demerit was the flimsy pin pointer and subpar construction. Nevertheless, it works great.

3. Minelab GPX 5000


The GPX5000 has great metal detection capabilities. Costing only $5000 it possesses several custom options which make it difficult to use by newcomers.


The Minelab GPX5000 seems like the perfect product for those who have been doing metal detection for a long time. Unfortunately, the steep price is a concern, though it can be attributed to the quality and value that comes with it.

4. Bounty Hunter T4 Tracker 


The TK4 looks sleek with an adjustable height and user friendliness. Not only is it affordable, it works exceedingly well. Unlike its counterparts it can detect metals from an incredibly long range.


Costing only $100, the device is widely preferred during metal detection.

5. Garett Ace 400

garret-ace-400 Image –

The Ace 400 brandishes pro-features which make it outstanding. It’s the new improvement on the Ace 250 and 350. One outstanding feature of the device is its iron audio capability. It’s mostly preferred for its simplicity, sensitivity and manageable weight that makes it suitable for maneuverings.

Cons – It’s hard to find any demerit on this product so if you want to go for this product go on right ahead.


If you get the opportunity to get this device, go for it.