How To Install Your Own Hardwood Floor


There’s nothing I usually hate more than DIY. I know, I know I’m a man and should be good at it, but I’m just not!

You can imagine my shock horror when the wife suggested a few weeks back that she wanted hardwood flooring in the living room and there was one slight hitch!

Our bank balance wouldn’t allow us to get professional floor fitters in! *sigh

I spent many hours researching & watching videos on YouTube, the one you see below from the guys at timber flooring Brisbane

This is a DIY project on how to install a hardwood floor

The process is easy and does not require much time to complete.

You will require tool and materials.

Tools are:

Hammer, nails, tape measure, pneumatic nail gun, pry bar and chop saw; while materials include: hardwood, wood putty and pneumatic floor packaging. They should be assembled together so that the installation process runs smoothly.

Take the measurements of the room and multiply to get square footage.


To start installing, place the straight hardwood on the space between the wall and floor to protect against heat and humidity.

Drill nail holes half an inch from the wall. Continue inserting woods but giving an allowance of six inches each.

Drill holes into each wood and create enough space rolls for pneumatic nail guns.

Staple the boards using the pneumatic nail gun.


Cut pieces of hardwood that will fit right in.

However, leave a few inches more that are cut off. Using those pieces fill in the gaps.

To firmly settle the hardwood, use pry bar.

Fit the last bar and leave some space for contraction and expansion.

Lastly fill all the holes with wood putty.

And the finished result:


Not bad hey! Like I said any DIY incompetent can do this! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

Staying Organised Can Make Moving Hope A Lot More Bearable!!

Happy couple in their new home having fun - moving concept

Happy couple in their new home having fun – moving concept

I always write about things here at Irish Pub Prague that are either close to my hear and happening in my life.

Last month we finally moved into our dream home, it’s only a couple of miles from the old place in Cardiff but it’s bigger, quieter and set in truly stunning surroundings.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to the boys at Cardiff removals who did a truly excellent job.

So, in this blog post I’m going to cover some quick tips and tricks that can help keep you organised both before, after and during your move.

As always let me know what you guys think in the comment section below

Create a list

Writing down a list is a very easy job, now you need to write down the list of things according to how you want to arrange them. Indicate each box the name of the items you want to place for example if it,s kitchenware you can note the box as “kitchenware” and so on.

Have sufficient materials

On this point, it means that you need to have enough packing materials like boxes if those are what you want to pack things inside reason being, it will make your work easier while packing your different household stuff.

Make use of wardrobe boxes


Wardrobe boxes are tall in size hence they are perfect for large and light items such as pillows, comforters, clothes and even blankets. You can take the measurements of both the stuff and wardrobe box to find the perfect size for you. They can also be used for clandestine storage boxes, textile bolts, and other lighter things. Ensure the boxes aren’t too thick.

Plan how to use the wardrobe box

If you are moving on your own or wish to get help from moving companies all you need is a plan. Organize everything before your move, start by packing small things like shoes and other little things to paper bags, as soon as the day comes, place those bags on the wardrobe boxes tightly to make sure all things get some space.

Have things composed

Make sure things are kept together for example if you have electronics, you need to place all electronics and related items together, if its kitchen items, they should be put together this will help one locate them effortlessly but ensure you indicate the boxes respectively.

Pack in advance

Packing in advance makes the whole exercise easy, it will save you time, and you can pack all things which you don’t need at the moment.

Combine cleaning materials

If you want to clean your current home, this tip is good for you. Put the cleaning items to be used together such as detergents, brush, etc.

Utilize your bags

You can also fill your luggage with other small things like towels, tissue papers and other things.

Protect essential items

We all have our valuable items, and we always ensure that they are safe, and it applies to this case. You might check if you are insured by the property owner, guard your delicate things as well if they are not covered and additionally, ensure that you’ve got the receipts of the items which might help in claiming them after a loss or accident which led to breakage.

Carry important papers yourself

Important papers are such as college certificates, birth certificates, job letters, etc. These are crucial documents, no need of regrets so carry them with you!

Metal Detecting Is My Official Brand New Hobby!!

About a month ago my son asked if we could go metal detecting! My response was no firstly because we didn’t own a detector and secondly did I really want to traipse around for hours on the beach with the other metal detecting nerds?

After weeks of pestering me, I started to look into the best metal detector available on the market for the kind of money I was willing to spend on what could possibly be a passing interest! You see my son tends to change his mind about what he actually wants to do, which usually costs me a fortune as I have already bought all the equipment for these various short lived hobbies!

While I wouldn’t class myself as a metal detecting expert (not yet anyway!) I would say I have learnt a great deal over the last few weeks, which I thought I would share.

So, without further a do, here are my top 5 metal detectors reviewed…..

1. Garett Ace 250


The Garett Ace 250 perfectly suits a novice enthusiast who intends to make a career for himself during metal detection. It’s widely preferred as its simple to use and is priced very well too. The device works well while trying to locate most metals, especially coins.

Cons – Well there is hardly any problem with this device except the lack of a volume control gadget.


The Garett can be ranked as the best metal detector device for beginners.

2. Fisher F2 Metal Detector


The Fisher metal detector is a beginner level device perfectly suited for first-timers. Its display is digital. The device is S shaped with an ergonomically built handle. The Fisher F2 costs roughly weighs 2.6 pounds and costs $200.


One noted demerit was the flimsy pin pointer and subpar construction. Nevertheless, it works great.

3. Minelab GPX 5000


The GPX5000 has great metal detection capabilities. Costing only $5000 it possesses several custom options which make it difficult to use by newcomers.


The Minelab GPX5000 seems like the perfect product for those who have been doing metal detection for a long time. Unfortunately, the steep price is a concern, though it can be attributed to the quality and value that comes with it.

4. Bounty Hunter T4 Tracker 


The TK4 looks sleek with an adjustable height and user friendliness. Not only is it affordable, it works exceedingly well. Unlike its counterparts it can detect metals from an incredibly long range.


Costing only $100, the device is widely preferred during metal detection.

5. Garett Ace 400


The Ace 400 brandishes pro-features which make it outstanding. It’s the new improvement on the Ace 250 and 350. One outstanding feature of the device is its iron audio capability. It’s mostly preferred for its simplicity, sensitivity and manageable weight that makes it suitable for maneuverings.

Cons – It’s hard to find any demerit on this product so if you want to go for this product go on right ahead.


If you get the opportunity to get this device, go for it.

The Best Face Cream For Preventing Wrinkles

Before you say it, I’m well aware this isn’t the type of subject we normally cover at Irish Pub Prague

Thankfully our reader numbers have increased rapidly recently and the majority of them are in fact ladies!

So, firstly thanks to our female readers and secondly we fully intend to start publishing more content we think you will enjoy.

This article has been provided by Meladerm review.

prevent wrinkles

Let’s face it, your best bet for a face cream that reduces wrinkles and prevents sagging skin is to find the best ingredients for the job.

But if you’ve been trying skin creams and still see wrinkles and a sagging face, you might be wondering what anti-aging ingredients work.

Three years ago I started researching skin care to find the best face cream. What I learned was many of the best-known brands didn’t have the most efficient ingredients. In fact, some of the top department store brands didn’t have any effective anti-aging ingredients.

Instead, they were made up of chemicals and cheap fillers that don’t work to prevent wrinkles. Ingredients like mineral oil suffocate your skin and can cause breakouts. Parabens are chemical preservatives that keep your cream from going rancid but have been linked to an increase in breast cancer.

Even when the famous makers include active anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants and collagen boosters, they’re usually in small amounts.

If you want to use the best face cream with a high concentration of wrinkle reducing ingredients, you’ll want to look online for a small, elite skin care company that puts its money into its ingredients rather than Madison Avenue advertising.

To keep your skin looking firm and smooth, look for ingredients like Cynergy TK. This cutting edge ingredient is clinically proven to help your skin make more of collagen and elastin cells to give your face structure and keep your skin from sagging.

Volunteers saw a 42% increase in skin elasticity after just 18 days of using this ingredient. They also enjoyed a 14% increase in their skin’s moisture retention.

Keeping your skin hydrated is an important part of wrinkle prevention. Drink plenty of water and use a face cream that is proven to help your skin maintain a proper level of moisture.

Another one of my favorite ingredients in my face cream is the Japanese sea kelp Phytessence Wakame. This is a powerhouse of an antioxidant. It fights free radicals in the environment to protect your skin and body from premature aging.

Phytessence Wakame also helps prevent sagging skin and wrinkles because it strengthens your collagen and elastin cells.

Other great anti-aging ingredients to look for in your skin care are Vitamins C & E and Active Manuka Honey.

While the big name brands may not have any of these ingredients or only small amounts, online you can find a skin care line with sufficient levels of these proven anti-agers.

Traveling To Australia? Reasons You Should Choose A Holiday Cottage Over A Hotel

Have you ever stayed at a holiday home or holiday cottage rather than a hotel?

If not, then you’re really missing out on one of the best experiences you may have on your holiday break. There is nothing like feeling right at home when you are away. These rentals are readily available all over Australia. You can have all the amenities of home, like full-size kitchens, washers and dryers, and plenty of bedrooms.

I think we have all booked a hotel on an all inclusive package only to find out that the food wasn’t quite up to scratch. That’s why choosing a holiday cottage is a great way to guarantee you can cook and eat the food you want. In many cases the cottage owners are actually growing herbs in pots in the gardens which you are free to use for your meals.

holiday cottage australia

These are great for couples and families, depending on where you stay.

When you figure out your dates for your getaway, begin looking for available holiday homes and cottages. Make your reservation as soon as possible due to the fact that these properties usually book very quickly. In many cases, you’ll be required to pay either a partial payment or the full cost of your stay.

There is normally a penalty to pay if the booking is canceled close to the dates of your trip. This is due to the fact that it could be troublesome to have the holiday home booked again.

Many of the holiday homes and cottages have websites that allow you to see the holiday accommodation, make reservations, and view what tourist attractions are available in the region. You can easily plan your entire holiday with this info, but make certain you leave a lot of time to relax and unwind.


But, that’s what a getaway is for!

There are many holiday homes that can be booked in packages that include air travel and tourist attraction admissions. In many cases, you could see substantial savings.

If you want to save a little bit of money, then book your reservations in the region’s offseason. You might end up saving as much as fifty percent off the rates during the busiest part of the year. There are usually good discounts for booking a whole week or extended holiday weekend, too. Some properties could have a minimum stay condition, too, so go over that before you begin making plans.

ADHD Treatment Without The Need For Medication?


At the moment, available ADHD treatment concentrate on abridging the ADHD symptoms and ameliorating the functioning. Its treatment includes psychotherapy, education/training, medication or a combination of all.

The most usual category of medicine used for ADHD Treatment is known as a “stimulant.” Albeit, it may seem peculiar to cure ADHD with a medicine reckoned as a stimulant, in reality it has a tranquilizing effect on children suffering from ADHD. There are various types of stimulant medicines available.

Couples of other ADHD medicaments are non-stimulants and work in a different way than stimulants. For ample numbers of children, ADHD medicines repress impulsivity & hyperactivity as well as perk up their competence to concentrate, learn and work. Proper medication can also ameliorate physical coordination.

Stimulant medicines are available in various forms, for instance – liquid, skin patch, capsule, or a pill. Few medicines are also available in long-acting, extended or short-acting release varieties. In all of such varieties, the active ingredient is the similar, but it relinquishes in their own way in the body.

Another way of ADHD treatment is various types of psychotherapy. Behavioral therapy targets to aid a child to modify his/her behavior. It may engross virtual assistance, for instance – help them in organizing their tasks or finishing their school assignment, or going through emotionally complicated events. This therapy also trains a child to keep an eye on his/her own behavior.

An additional aim of behavioral therapy is to teach how to reward or praise for behaving in a desired manner like thinking prior acting or curbing anger. Moreover, teachers & parents can also give negative or positive feedback for particular behaviors. Besides, clear all the rules, lists of tasks and other structured routines that can assist a child to curb his/her behavior.

Behavioral therapists may also teach children social skills, like how to wait for their turn, ask for help, react to teasing or share toys. Instruct how to read face expressions and the voice tone of others and how to take appropriate action, can also be an element of social skills training. Children suffering from ADHD need proper guidance as well as understanding of their teachers & parents in order to reach their full potential and to do well in school.

Prior a child is diagnosed, annoyance, anger and frustration may have developed in a family. Children along with their parents may require special support to prevail over bad feelings. Professional and experienced psychologists can instruct parents about ADHD and its impacts over family. They will also aid the child & her/his parents to develop attitudes, ways of relating to each other and skills.
Since ADHD treatment is quite a lot complicated for a practitioner, the treatment is mostly started after garnering the confidence of a patient as to why treatment is essential and what benefits will come out of it.

5 Best Pubs In London

The thing about the city of London is that it never sleeps. There is that special buzz about it come day or night and you will love the energy that is vibrating in the Shoreditch bar that you take yourself to.

The best way for you to experience the Victorian culture, the historic places such as the flower and meat markets and the local pubs and cafés is to book yourself on one of the London Pub Crawls that abound. They offer you so much and the best thing is that you won’t end up paying a hefty fee. There are so many ingenious things waiting for you to discover. You can start your evening early and end it at the break of dawn.

You can start your journey for the Shoreditch bar from a quaint Victorian pub that is soaked in history. This is one way for you to experience the all day and night London buzz. You can either start or end the London Pub Crawls with an early morning jug of beer along with a fantastic English breakfast that will see you through the entire day. This offers you the perfect combination of a relaxing evening that ends the next morning. The most fantastic night awaits you when you book yourself on a Shoreditch bar tour. It will take you hours to ride through the city and explore the places that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Also, this is the best way to have one of the most cool and awesome night outs with your friends.

london pubs2

The other good thing about signing up for London pub crawls is that you don’t have to wait in long queues that you usually find outside these pubs. You have privilege entry rights wherein you can jump the entrance queues and head straight to the bars and grabbed the free drinks and eats that are on the house.

Most of these pub crawl buses start from Covent Garden which is in Central London. This gives you an opportunity to go around the entire pick- up points around town from the start of the bus. The next place to take you to is Leicester Square, Ministry of Sound, Verve or Elephant and Castle.

You need not travel only by bus as there are several spots on the tour where you need to get off and walk. This gives you enough time to explore the area on foot on your own and there is nothing like walking as you soak in the ambience all around you. The moment you start feeling tired you can head to the nearest watering hole at the Shoreditch bar. You can stay along with your group of friends or you can branch out on your own and meet them at a designated point.